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We offer the training required by the State of Florida to obtain your concealed weapons permit, absolutely FREE. Our goal is to train every law abiding citizen who wishes to carry a weapon in order to defend themselves and their family at no cost to the student!


Our class size is very limited at this time to 12 students due to COVID-19 and adhering to social distancing guidelines. Please be considerate of others-if you have been sick recently or had contact with someone that has been sick or tested positive please wait to attend another class. We supply everything you need for the class. You will receive your certificate required by the State of Florida to apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit.


If you prefer to use your own pistol, you're more than welcome to bring it. The only thing you're required to bring is a photo ID.

We literally supply everything! Call to reserve your seat in a class. You will receive an appointment to confirm your seat.

The class is free....We DO accept and appreciate donations!

**We do ask that you do not bring children with you to the class for their safety and safety of those taking the class**


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253 NE 410th Avenue
Old Town, Florida 32680


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